Sunday, 6 April 2008

Well that's another weekend nearly over, but a good one! Went to see Uncle Vanya yesterday in Malvern: Saturday matinee –what a luxury and gorgeous lunch to day with friends.

It has gone really dark - it's blowing a blizzard - the snow flakes are almost as big as the magnolia petals that are coming off the tree in the wind. Battery is flat in the camera, - typical!

Madly putting recipes together for my demonstration on Wednesday. Could not decide on the pudding, Pimm’s cup, Campari cocktail jelly or rhubarb and brioche crisps - so made them all again this morning and ended up having to force myself into tasting them between my boiled egg breakfast and six course lunch – It’s hell being a food writer – no it is really – I was not hungry but it had to be done. Came down on the side of the rhubarb concoction as even with a full stomach I could not stop eating it - I only ate half – really I did.

Snow has slowed down to a drizzle

Our friend John (husband to Marianne of gorgeous lunch fame) has a bit of a weakness for Fernet Branca and insists that he receives a bottle for Christmas every year; I myself have a kind of addiction – generally only fed in Italy – however – I can depend on a snorter at their house. I love the stuff, it cures hangovers, stomach upsets and here I am writing my blog with no ill effects from alcohol after a five hour lunch - not bad hey? I find it terribly underrated everywhere except in its home country.

Anyway the recipes have been tried, tested, typed and emailed to the printers so I shall be able to go to the ball tomorrow – well actually the Food and Drink Expo at the NEC. I don’t normally go and I don’t normally go off gallivanting so close to G2 but the Abruzzo region of Italy has a bit of a presence and the Abruzzo is strong on salumeria. So I am hoping to gather some fodder for my new book - more of that tomorrow. Enjoy what is left of the weekend!


Tulip said...

I vote the Rhubarb and brioche crisps. Even though it is officially British Summer Time, it doesn't feel like it... it's too soon for jelly and I have an inkling that those Rhubarb crisps will be slightly delicious and surprising!

Lindy Wildsmith said...

Too right! But these will be good in summer too with ice cream. As the season changes so does the local fruit. Change Rhubarb for gooseberries, blackcurrants, greengages; of the imported fruit apricots would be good too.